THAT is what we have to offer

You have the idea,

but no solid concept of how to bring it all to life? ON AIR TV can offer you a complete solution: We will oversee the project right from the start, develop a functioning format upon first impulse, and bring it to the screen in a professional manner. Our experienced and coordinated team is your expert partner when it comes to tailor-made television productions.



Idea and format development - so that your wishes and visions have a framework. High-quality, creative and in line with your scheduling and budgeting requirements.



Concept development - so that your message is strategically implemented and has optimum content, and you reach your target audience. We’ll create an authentic style that your viewers will love.



Realisation of the concept - so that your visions are expressed via effective images and formats. The appropriate technology and professional know-how to generate a complete production.



Completion of the project - so that the production comes to a close in a well thought-out manner. From compiling of the documentation to cost control to licensing.